COCC Meeting Minutes – November 2016

November 2016 meeting attendees: Lori Bulla, Sandy Ericksen, Amelie Fredland, Wendy Gonzales, Marilyn Harper, Trenton Kelley, AD Koen, Mike Kuhnen, Darin Lee, Lori Perjak, SEAL Representative, Richard Solis

The meeting began at 7:37pm with SEAL encouraging residents to report vacation watches and describing their presence to be a quicker response than HPD. A reminder was made to all to keep valuables hidden from view, destroy holiday boxes and always lock all vehicle doors. There is cardboard disposal at Recycle America on 5714 Enid Street (713) 880-8301 and many other locations including several City of Houston sites No trespassing signs in yard or door fronts are recommended. A full printed summary of September incidents was provided to all at the meeting. When reporting street lights that are out to Centerpoint Energy, use the 6 digit number on the pole to report to the city for service. Pool and park parking lot lights are being looked at to repair lighting.

The current financial report is $139,460.11. There are 67 delinquent annual HOA dues accounts. These delinquent accounts will be turned over to a collection agency. 2017 HOA dues are being mailed this coming week. HOA dues will be raised to $400/year in 2018. Landscape costs need to be cut and the pool maintenance will reduce in the winter months. The approximate $25,000/year landscape cost does not include the community park cleanup. After Tidwell cleanup is done, it only keeps trash off the esplanades about 3 days. Homeowners are supposed to maintain behind their fences on Tidwell. The city maintains Tidwell every quarter. The COCC is encouraging and actively seeking liability insured mowing bids. Bids are due by the next COCC meeting on December 8 at 7:30pm. Bids are also being researched for tile work in the baby pool of our community pool.

We sincerely welcome our new board members for 2017: Amelie Fredland as VP, Mike Kuhnen for Landscaping and Richard Solis leading the Social role. There was a lot of discussion while new roles are being selected.

Security has Acorn stickers for vehicles. Each board member will maintain a job description to be handed to future board members. The Acorn distribution was discussed, but will remain with the same distribution by hand into mailboxes at this time.

Long range planning includes a uniform appearance for fences along Tidwell. Playground mulch maintenance is another major project.

There are more than 60 deed restriction letters to be sent out within the next week. Many residents are repairing the deed violations. Records are being transferred to the Secretary position.

The Christmas light judging will be done in mid December. A sign of recognition will be made for the winner’s yard.

Meeting adjourned 8:43pm.