COCC Meeting Minutes – March 2017

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March 2017 Board members in attendance: Sandy Ericksen, Amelie Fredland, Lori Bulla, Charlie Bowman, A.D. Koen

Residents in attendance: Marilyn Harper, Gerard Bohorquez

A representative from SEAL attended the meeting and presented a security report from the month before. He reminded us that SEAL is not receiving vacation watches and that residents should contact SEAL, fill out a vacation watch form and SEAL will monitor your home while you are away. This includes, among other things, two visits to the residents property while SEAL is on duty in our neighborhood.

Charlie Bowman gave a treasurers report and an update on how many residents have paid their dues year to date. Residents that are more than two years past due and have not made any contact with the board regarding a payment plan will be sent a final demand letter. Thirty days after the date of the final demand letter, residents that have not contacted the board with a payment plan will be referred to the HOA attorney for collection.

There was a discussion regarding the lot on Tidwell that has been sold and a sign on the property indicates a convenience store and fast food restaurant will be built. Lori Bulla agreed to craft a letter to our city councilwoman, Brenda Stardig, expressing concern over this project. Update: a letter was sent and Brenda Stardig’s office responded by saying no permits have been applied for and the office would watch to see if and when they were. She also mentioned that the city of Houston has no zoning, therefore, a business can be constructed near a neighborhood. Residents can go to the SEAL website and download a vacation watch form.

Regarding the “Roadster” gas station and fast food. The sign has been relocated to Tidwell and TC Jester and according to the NNWMD the gas station could not obtain permits for alcohol because it was too close to the schools and church.

Pool memberships are available and one member has joined this year.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30