COCC Meeting Minutes – July 2017

July 13, 2017 COCC Meeting Minutes

07/13/2017 meeting attendees: Lori Bulla, Sandy Ericksen, Marilyn Harper, Trenton Kelley, AD Koen, Mike Kuhnen, SEAL Officer Montgomery, Lori Perjak

The meeting started at 7:40pm.

Security – meeting opened with Officer Montgomery providing incident reports to all who attended the meeting. He reminds everyone that a free vacation watch is available if you fill out the SEAL form on their website and submit. Residents are encouraged to take advantage of the vacation watch and the officer reminds of this at every meeting. Residents can also approach the SEAL officer for a vacation watch form.

Finance – Current budget balance is $198,997.24. Over $75K of this is savings. More than $20K of overdue HOA dues has been collected. Proledge will be taking over part of the finance responsibility. Proledge is being interviewed for additional services they may be able to provide such as bill paying and bank statement reconciliation. Proledge will not have access to the bank account. An annual budget is being prepared for August. Approximately 22 residents have not paid past dues, and new statements will be sent. The COCC insurance policy is up for renewal and the rate will remain the same with the new policy. Additional coverage is being reviewed and recommended.

Pool – The community pool has passed inspection. The emergency phone has been repaired where it corroded. The chase lounge chairs were repaired with fabric that was kept from previous repairs. Over $6K in revenue has come from pool memberships and pavilion rentals.

Deed restrictions – A three person team made a drive though the neighborhood. This resulted in 40 new letters being sent out for non compliance. There are no penalty fees at this time for people who do not make the repairs. There is a progression of 3 letters mailed out for violations with the 3rd letter being the final demand. The COCC attorney has not been contacted recently for any repeat letters that need to be sent. The board will need to vote on whether to assess a fine for non compliance of deed restriction letters. Some historical documentation on how deed restriction fines were given years ago will be provided to the committee. Interest has been shown by the board in beginning fines.

Landscape – No update at this time. The new playground repairs are being monitored for vandalism.

Records – being kept

Long Range Planning – Elections are in October at the Oaks Fest event. There will be two board vacancies that need to be filled. Residents are encouraged to submit a bio for the upcoming October election. New board officers are needed.

Ed Emmett will hold a meeting on August 1 which includes COCC.

Meeting closed at 8:32pm