COCC Meeting Minutes – June 2017

June 8, 2017 COCC Meeting Minutes

Meeting Attendees: AD Koen, Patrick Bilnoski, Mike Kuhnen, Darin Lee, Lori Bulla, Marilyn Harper, SEAL Officer Montgomery, Richard Solis, Gerard Bohorques, Ziad Taha, Charlie Bowman, Sandy Ericksen, Lori Perjak

The meeting began at 7:32pm

Security – Officer Montgomery reviewed the May incident report. All who attended received a printed copy. SEAL reminded attendees to use the free vacation watch form from the internet. AD notified us that we will not have speed bumps installed by the city on Bolivia because there is not enough traffic at this time.

Pool – Lori B let us know we currently have 38 community pool memberships. She reminded us that the pool is available to reserve for private parties. An annual pool inspector is coming on June 12. The board is accepting bids for the baby pool tile repair and magnetic cards along with a pool gate card reader. A request to make the pool hours open at 8am rather than 6am and closing at 10pm was approved. New signs are being created to provide the pool street address in case of emergency call.

Finance – Charlie reports the HOA is 30K short of what’s anticipated for 2017. Charlie and Trenton have done a fantastic job of collecting unpaid dues. About 28 residents have not paid HOA dues this year and letters are being sent for collection. An attorney will be used for collection for 2 residents who won’t contact the board concerning payment.

Deed Restrictions – Three board members will make a drive though in June reviewing any deed restriction violations. 35 deed restriction violation letters were sent out on the last review.

Landscape – Fence vandalism has been taking place repeatedly at the playground. Several men from the meeting offered to repair the fence again.

Records – records are being stored

Long range planning – Some board positions will be available on the October 2017 ballot including Treasurer and Secretary. Please consider any role you may want to participate in. The board is extremely helpful toward any volunteerism you provide. The easement drive to the park/playground may need to change when the vacant lot on Tidwell is sold for use and construction begins. Also, the board is seeking to move to uniform fencing for approximately 58 residents along Tidwell. There are concerns about safe as well as uniform fencing while vehicle accidents have occurred several times along Tidwell into the neighborhood. The board is accepting suggestions for safe and uniform fencing along Candlelight Oaks. Richard offered to contact Brenda Stardig concerning any fencing or walls the city may provide. Several people are interested in beginning a committee concerning the fencing.

*Judge Ed Emmett will be speaking at the Garden Oaks HOA meeting on August 1, 2017. Candlelight Oaks residents are invited to attend.

Meeting closed 8:31pm