COCC Meeting Minutes – September 2017

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Candlelight Oaks Civic Club, Inc

Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting

Sept 14, 2017

Attendance: Sandy Ericksen, Trenton Kelly, Richard Solis, A.D. Koen, Charlie Bowman, Lori Bulla. Members Amelie Fredland and Michael Kuhnen participated by speaker phone in order to discuss and vote for next year’s budget. Residents: Marilyn Harper, Jill Prado Salyers. Guest: SEAL Officer Garza

Meeting opened at 7:32 by President Sandy Ericksen. SEAL Officer Garza passed out August Incident Report and read the statistics. He said that SEAL Headquarters were never flooded during Tropical Storm Harvey’s rains, and that the K-9 kennels had been sandbagged to keep out water just in case. SEAL did not patrol this area for about a week and a half due to closed roads preventing mobility.

Social Chair Richard Solis reported that the food for the Labor Day Free Swim event had been paid for by an anonymous donor. He is planning this year’s Oaksfest which will be a wine sharing event, with food, a movie, a free swim for those brave enough for cold water, and possibly a water slide. He will make a flyer for the event. Oaksfest is also the last day for voting for Board members and the 2018 budget.

Treasurer Trenton Kelly reported that he expected to collect 93% of the homeowner dues by the end of this year. There have been quite a few people on payment plans, management of which is a time burden for any volunteer treasurer. The board will use ProLedge accounting services for a cost of $200/month to manage the accounts. There was a discussion of reinstituting fees for payment plans, $5 for a monthly invoice and a $10 late fee. Trenton asked Pool Chair Lori Bulla if there would be any new pool expenses next year. Lori said the pool will need resurfacing but can wait till 2019. $200 was estimated for the replacement of some tiles in the pool, during the winter off-season.

Sandy made a motion to approve the budget, Lori Bulla seconded, and all members approved.

Michael Kuhnen reported that he has contacted Harris County Flood Control District regarding repairs needed on the banks of Cole Creek since last month’s flooding. He will keep the board informed on results.

A.D. Koen proposed the formation of a formal neighbor-to-neighbor disaster support program, but Amelie Fredland opposed if there was any mention of flooding, as being harmful to real estate values. Charlie Bowman opposed any program that would give money from HOA dues to any individual. A.D. had proposed paying for his program with proceeds from Oaksfest wine raffle, but Trenton said that Oaksfest has never generated any proceeds.

Outgoing Secretary Lori Perjak asked Sandy to announce she needed to get some stored paper records out of her house, due to her flood cleanup. Arrangements will be made to relocate these records until they can be scanned and digitized.

Sandy said that one planned Deed Restriction drive through had been canceled due to the storm debris in some parts of the neighborhood. It is currently rescheduled for Sept 23.

The Board got to meet candidate for the election Jill Prado Salyers , who is a CPA with an interest in filling the Treasurer vacancy in January.

Sandy moved to adjourn at 8:45, seconded by A.D.