COCC Meeting Minutes – November 2017

Candlelight Oaks Civic Club, Inc
Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting
November 9, 2017

Attendance: Sandy Ericksen, Michael Kuhnen, Trenton Kelly, Lori Bulla, Richard Solis, Amelie Fredland, A.D. Koen. Residents: Darilene Bonnet, Marilyn Harper, Lori Perjak, Gerard Bohorquez. Guest: SEAL Officer Sgt Bonsey

Meeting opened at 7:30 by President Sandy Ericksen. SEAL Officer Sgt Bonsey passed out October Incident Report and read the statistics. He said that the empty house on Oakhaven continues to be a concern, mostly due to a semi-covered swimming pool which is seen as a public health concern as well as a physical hazard. It is hoped that the bank which has the title to the property will soon need to “winterize” the property, and might do something to better secure the swimming pool. Sgt Bonsey also remarked on problems with solicitors walking throughout CO.

Former COCC Board Secretary Lori Perjak passed out a list of concerns and complaints about the Board, which she said derived from her experience serving on the Board until her resignation in September, and from her talking to 10 other homeowners. There has been an issue with records of the HOA which she had been asked to store at her home, but had not returned after her resignation. Ms Perjak said she had been trying to organize and identify what records were in her possession. After a prolonged discussion, it was agreed that Ms Perjak and Board member Michael Kuhnen would meet within 2 weeks, for the purpose of returning those records.

At 8:30, Michael moved to continue the meeting with other items on the agenda, seconded by Sandy.

Treasurer Trenton Kelly reported the current account balance to be $172,319. Trenton and Sandy have met with incoming Treasurer Jill Prado Salyers, to get her up to speed on taking over this important office. She will work with, and have assistance from Proledge which will be doing COCC mailouts, including the upcoming 2018 Dues Invoice letters. Sandy said that Proledge can do mailouts for cheaper postal costs than when board members have been doing them.

Deed restrictions: Sandy reported that there will be a DR drive through in the next several weeks.

Landscaping: Michael reported that he is trying to get the city to take care of a tree that fell from someone’s backyard onto the sidewalk on the south side of Tidwell, west of Bolivia. It looks like the property is on Oak Trail, but Michael believes once debris falls onto the sidewalk, it becomes a city problem to fix.

Pool: Lori Bulla and Richard are planning to lower the pool level so missing tiles can be replaced, as it is now too cold for swimming.

Social: Chairman Richard Solis got a round of applause for the success of his Oaksfest event on Oct 14. He confirmed that all donated bottles of wine had been raffled off. Ideas were discussed for a Christmas event, including food and a movie at the pool, or a hayride. There will also be a Christmas Lights contest, date of judging to be announced.

At 8:45, incoming board member Darilene Bonnet was given the floor to express what she hopes for when her term starts in January. She wants a financial audit of the COCC books, and is interested in increasing homeowner participation.

Sandy moved to adjourn at 9 pm.