COCC Meeting Minutes – December 2017

Candlelight Oaks Civic Club, Inc
Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting
December 14, 2017

Attendance: Lori Bulla, Darin Lee, Michael Kuhnen, Sandy Ericksen, Richard Solis, Trenton Kelly. Residents: Darilene Bonnet, Lori Perjak, Jill Prado Salyers, Marilyn Harper. Guest: SEAL Officer Sgt Garza.

Meeting called to order at 7:33 by President Sandy Ericksen. SEAL Sgt Garza passed out the November Incident Report and read the statistics. He said that solicitors and bandit signs are among the more common things noticed by SEAL officers. Marilyn Harper stated that a recent SEAL report to the Board, performed by an unfamiliar-named officer, included a reference to patrolling on Spruce Forest Drive which is in Candlelight Oaks Village and not in CO. She requested that new officers patrolling in CO should be trained as to the boundaries of our subdivision. Sgt Garza said he will bring this up at SEAL HQ.

Treasurer Trenton Kelly reported the current account balance to be $164,764. As this was Trenton’s last meeting as board member and Treasurer, it was offered to incoming board member Jill Prado Salyers that Trenton, Charlie Bowman, and Sandy will be available to coach and help her in any way she needs upon taking over this important office. It was discussed that no one has yet received the 2018 Dues Invoice letters, which Sandy said had been given to Proledge 2 weeks ago. Sandy will check into the delay. Marilyn Harper asked if Proledge will manage any payment plans. Sandy said homeowners who want a payment plan will still need to contact the board to make arrangements, but once that is done, Proledge will send out notices for payment plans.

Pool: Lori Bulla reported the pool area has been mowed to look nice for the Christmas party on Sunday. Lori and Richard Solis are still planning to replace the missing tiles in the pool this winter. She reported that the phone line used by the required 9-1-1 phones — one inside the pool fence and one outside — is not working and must be repaired, as this is a city inspection violation. Lori said she was concerned about water level in the pool, and wonders if there should be a leak check. But others said their backyard pools are also losing water, and think it may be lack of rainfall since the August flood. Darin Lee reported a hole has developed in the drive path from Tidwell, a short distance inside the fence. That area was filled in with dirt and gravel during the construction of the new playground in 2008, to make a smooth surface over to the smaller area remaining for parking. Darin said he will look at the hole to see what is needed to fix it.

Social: Chairman Richard Solis reported he has found a Santa for the Christmas party at the pool Sunday the 17th, 4-6 pm. Parents should bring a camera or cell phone to get pictures of their children with Santa. There will also be hot cocoa, Christmas music and caroling.

Sandy noted the Christmas Lights contest will be judged on Saturday evening the 16th.

Deed restrictions: Sandy reported that there would be no DR drive-through in December as it has gotten too close to Christmas. DR operations will resume next month.

Landscaping: Michael Kuhnen reported that the city is not going to do anything about the tree branch that fell from a yard on Oak Trail and ended up obstructing the sidewalk on the south side of Tidwell, west of Bolivia. Darin Lee and Trenton Kelley volunteered to go look at the branch this weekend and see if they can haul it away for disposal.

Records: Michael reported that he has the records that were handed over to him by former COCC Secretary Lori Perjak.

Long Term Projects: Lori Bulla said that information is being gathered regarding possible upgrades at the pool: gate card reader and pool lights.

Sandy adjourned the meeting at 8:20 pm.