COCC Meeting Minutes – January 2018

Minutes of COCC Board of Directors Meeting
JANUARY 11, 2018
ATTENDANCE: Sandy Ericksen, Amelie Fredland, Darilene Bonnet, Michel Kuhnen, Richard Solis, AD Koen, Lori Bulla.
ABSENT: Jill Prado Salyers (Treasurer 2018), Darin Lee (incoming Chair, nominated this meeting)
RESIDENTS: Marilyn Jo Harper, Charlie Bowman, Lori Perjak, Trenton Kelley.
GUESTS: SEAL Sgt Garza, Sgt. Keiran Bonsey

The board met in executive session prior to the regular meeting regarding a security related issue that had occurred at a specific residence. There was consensus that the board does not have authority regarding COCC’s resident’s domestic matters.

At 7:35PM, the Board meeting was called to order by Sandy Ericksen. SEAL presented the December Incident Report. The most reported incidents were suspicious vehicles/ people, shots fired in the Bayou, holiday packages disappearing from homes and stray or lost animals, mostly dogs.

Election of officers:
Upon request for clarification of duties of the president by Darilene Bonnet, the Bylaws, Section 5 was read.

Elected officers for 2018 (each affirmed by majority vote):
Sandy Ericksen, President
Amelie Fredland, Vice President
Jill Prado, Treasurer
Darilene Bonnet, Secretary

Committee Chairs for 2018:
Security Chair: AD Koen
Pool Committee Chair: Lori Bulla
Deed Restriction Chair: Michael Kuhnen with rotating help – Marilyn; A.D. Koen, Sandy Ericksen.
Amelie – Deed Restriction Letters and be provided paper, envelopes and stamps.
Landscaping Chair: Darin Lee (absent).
Records: Michael will store for Darilene until home is restored, 2 boxes only.
Social Chair/ Acorn Newsletter Delivery: Richard Solis.
Long Range Planning: Michael Kuhnen ( Fence on Tidwell, Speed Bumps, Stop Signs)

Charlie Bowman, volunteer assistant to Treasurer
Marilyn Jo Harper, volunteer Acorn Editor

Decision: Darilene committed to formulate a New Board Secretary Integration Process and present to the Board in her first Quarter 2018 for feedback and discussion.

Charlie Bowman addressed the board regarding the scope of the Treasurer’s position and his willingness to assist both the previous and current Treasurer. Sandy and the board recognized Charlie’s contribution and success working with residents to collect overdue assessments.
Resident Lori Perjak also offered her help.

In response to resident Lori Perjak’s comments, the board discussed what is appropriate information to disclose outside the board regarding past due accounts and deed restriction violations. No motions were made nor voted.

Discussion: whether to add additional items to monthly Treasurer’s report? Consensus was that the board does not want to add additional tasks for the Treasurer during her transition into the role.

Trenton Kelly addressed the board regarding the treasurer’s position and board activities (as outgoing Board – Exit Comments).
(1) the Treasurer position – great challenge of job getting done
(2) Board – Lack of communication with Residents.
(3) Lack of knowledge of the “Rules & Regulations / Bylaws”.
(4) The Deed Restrictions
(5) Communications in the Community (outside of CO)
(6) He welcomes an audit
(7) Need for Acorn (Marilyn Harper volunteered to publish again).
Lori P. (Resident) volunteered to help with articles.

Sandy honored Trenton’s position and work, Sandy stated how much Trenton and Charlie have impacted the bottom line with ongoing appreciation from the Board, a year’s worth of reserves in the bank and no increase in maintenance fees.
There was discussion about the scope of work for trash removal and mowing Tidwell vs the amount it costs to keep up the landscaping. We need to study more (Darin Lee). Lori P. (Resident) will check Bayou Clean-up to see if they can help us. Their clean-up happens every year in March.

A round of applause went to Richard Solis for his social efforts in the CO community for 2017.

Decisions: Marilyn will confirm the timing of the Acorn & communicate this; suggestion was bi-monthly, next one in February; give as much notice of deadlines and calendar of events as possible. Lori P. (Resident) will submit articles, based on timing and Marilyn’s needs. If Richard needs help delivering the Acorn, Darilene (and her neighbors) offered to handle Bayou Vista Dr. + cul-de-sacs attached. Let her/them know.

Pool Report: Membership Dues to remain at $100.00 CO residents for 2018 and Lori will update the forms. Gate still needs attention, pool tiles need to be fixed and the road needs holes to be filled.

Landscaping Report: There is a fallen tree branch from a home on Oak Trails, lying on a sidewalk on Tidwell, although 311 was called by Darilene and Michael 2 months ago. Due to the cost of having the tree waste removed, we may form a clean-up crew at some point.

Deed Restrictions:
This topic will resume next meeting. Michael will announce the DR Drive Thru dates and advise the Board, as he will not be available for 5-6 weeks after next week. Marilyn (most experienced & coach) proposed to help; AD would drive while Michael was to take the pictures for the letter. Amelie asked for the notes taken to be as clear as possible. She and Marilyn will co-ordinate the DR comments and Sandy has an updated address list. Drive through was scheduled for the following Saturday.

Decision: Marilyn & Amelie will work out their process so it is very clear to others who will be involved in the rotation, moving forward. Marilyn will just type Deed Restriction notes, not be involved in the Deed Violation Letters and mailing.

New Business:
AD shared that our recycling will change in 14 months, with a new company (FCC, a Spanish company) and Waste Management will work together on a new program, to include glass and plastic bags.

There was a statement made to start a program of fines for past due DR violations, that there seems to be many letters which are being ignored. Sandy stated that there is a process of First, Second and Third Letters sent, before fines are implemented.

Decision: Per Sandy, Gill Daoust has kindly offered to print the CO Deed Restrictions at some future time, and at no cost to the board. Question is, how to handle the 4 Sections of CO which do not all have identical documents. TBD

Meeting was adjourned by Sandy at about 8:14PM; next meeting is the 2nd Thursday in February.

Respectfully Submitted, Darilene Bonnet Jan. 23, 2018,
Corrections proposed by Lori Bulla 3/26/18