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COCC Meeting Minutes – November 2018

Candlelight Oaks Civic Club, Inc
Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting
November 8, 2018

Sandy Ericksen President
Lori Bulla Vice-President (temp)
Darilene Bonnet Secretary
Jill Prado Salyers Treasurer
Lori Bulla Pool Committee Chair
A.D. Koen Security Committee Chair
Michael Kuhnen Deed Restrictions Chair
Richard Solis Social Chair; Acorn Delivery
Darin Lee Landscaping Chair
Charlie Bowman Assistant to Treasurer
Marilyn Harper (temp); Acorn Editor

Present: Sandy Ericksen, Lori Bulla, Marilyn Harper, Michael Kuhnen, A.D. Koen, Jill Prado. Absent: Darin Lee, Richard Solis, Charlie Bowman, Darilene Bonnet. Residents: Gill Daoust. Guest: SEAL Sgt Bonsey.

Sandy opened the meeting at 7:35pm and asked Sgt Bonsey to give the Security Report. The October summary patrol reports were full of incidents regarding dogs and cats. Attention was called to cul-de-sacs with curbed circles that are being damaged by City heavy trash trucks, due to too many resident vehicles parked around those curbs. Residents should know when heavy trash day is, and park in your own garage and driveway so there is room for the big trucks to make it through the circles. Also, Sgt Bonsey advised the next newsletter should have an advisory for the upcoming holiday season – unfortunately the time of year when package theft and other property crimes usually increase.

Resident Gill Daoust, who is now the volunteer webmaster for, reported that he has fixed some problems with email forwarding. The special handling for emails directed to and is working now. There had been some problems with the catch-all email, but all appears to be working now.

The board discussed numerous announcements for the upcoming holiday and social events. The Christmas Lights contest will be judged the evening of Sunday, Dec 16. We will remind everyone in social media to have their lights on that night if they want to be in the contest. Social Chair Richard will be asked if he wants to do the COCC Party with Santa Claus earlier that same day. It was also discussed if the first “Story Hour” might also be presented that same afternoon by Bobbie Koen at the library stand on Oakhaven in front of the pool. Gill will be consulted about erasable signs that could be used at the library stands, announcing the day, time, and subject of an upcoming Story Hour,

A request was made for an announcement in the next newsletter about the new landscaping contract that covers everything COCC normally maintains, except for the pool/playground area which is still being done by Ray Cowart. Ray also has the maintenance contract for the pool operations. It is convenient to have pool mowing and pool cleaning done by the same company, to coordinate the short time that the pool needs to have the CLOSED sign on the gate.

Pool Committee Chair Lori Bulla said that nothing much is happening at the pool as the weather gets colder — except for pulling fallen leaves out of the filter baskets. A light on a pole overlooking the pool/playground area, that is believed to belong to Centerpoint, was reported to be working erratically. A.D. Koen who lives nearby will check the pole to see if it has a pole number and a phone number to call for service.

Treasurer Jill Prado reported that the balance was currently $174,433.35. Reminders sent out by Proledge, and personal coaching by Treasury Assistant Charlie Bowman, have led to several overdue accounts that have gotten paid up before the 2019 invoices go out. Invoices are expected to go out on Nov 15-16. Homeowners will now have an option to receive their invoice letter by email instead of paper letter delivered by US Postal Service. A trial run of this new feature has been conducted by emailing a test invoice to all the email addresses that COCC already had a record of. If you were paid up, your balance was $0.00. If you owed something, that email served as a reminder. Email addresses that bounced back as undeliverable have been removed from the COCC business list. Marilyn will post instructions on our social media, on how other homeowners can sign up for this. Annual dues are due by Jan 31, and late on Feb 1.

Deed Restriction Chair Michael Kuhnen reminded the board that the next DR drive-through was already set for Nov 17, 11 am to 1 pm. Newly elected board member for 2019, Cassie Ramsay, had requested at the October meeting to ride along to become familiar with the procedures. Marilyn will contact Cassie to get her address and remind her of when she will be picked up.

Sandy adjourned the meeting at 9:10 pm.