COCC Meeting Minutes – October 2019

Candlelight Oaks Civic Club, Inc
Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting
October 10, 2019

Sandy Ericksen President
Lori Bulla Vice-President & Pool Committee Chair
Charlie Bowman Acting Treasurer
Dan Gonzalez Co-Treasurer
Marilyn Harper Secretary & Acorn Editor
A.D. Koen Security Committee Chair
Michael Kuhnen Deed Restrictions Chair
Darin Lee Landscaping Chair
Cassie Ramsay Social Committee Chair
Johanna Wolfe Long Range Planning & Government Outreach

Present: Sandy Erichsen, Lori Bulla, Johanna Wolfe, A.D. Koen, Cassie Ramsay, Marilyn Harper, Mike Kuhnen (by phone). Absent: Dan Gonzalez, Darin Lee.
Guests: SEAL Officer Sal Capetillo, Michele Leal.

Sandy called the meeting to order at 7:30pm. Officer Capetillo gave a brief SEAL Report for September, consisting mostly of open garage doors and a few loose dogs. There was a discussion on whether SEAL patrols should have treated political campaigners as though they were solicitors. Board members stated that campaigners for offices are not solicitors, and should not be told they can’t be going door to door in CO. SEAL patrol can ask the campaigners what they are doing, but on finding they are promoting a political campaign, must leave them alone. As A.D. Koen said, this is a free speech issue. Officer Capetillo said he would make this decision known to SEAL headquarters.

Our guest, Michele Leal, a candidate for Texas State Representative, House District 148, spoke briefly to the Board. Ms Leal is one of numerous candidates to replace Jessica Farrar who is retiring, which surprised many board members who did not realize that not all of Candlelight Oaks is in Jarvis Johnson’s District 139. [See Footnote 1 for map.]

Pool: Lori reported she has been seeking bids for the upcoming overhaul at the pool, which will include replastering, replacement of missing tiles, and a new surface for the concrete deck around the pool. Unfortunately, two HOAs that Sandy has spoken to did not have a good recommendation for the companies that had replastered their pools. Michael said he has turned up some pool plastering leads and will share info with Lori. There was a problem that day with the pool gate card reader, which turned out to be batteries. Ray Cowart replaced batteries and the reader needed a reset, which then got it working again.

Michael has a gallon of stain/sealer to be painted onto the new wooden picnic tables he brought to the pool this summer. There will be an email alert to get board volunteers to help with this project.

Social: Cassie said she has casserole, salad and cookies planned for OaksFest menu. Attendees will be asked to bring appetizers or desserts, along with donated bottles of wine and cash-only raffle tickets. That night will be the last time to vote in the COCC 2020 election, so we will have blank ballots there for any one who still needs to vote.

The COCC Christmas party will be held again at Don Kiger’s home on Oakhaven. Cassie will ask previous social chair Richard Solis to inquire if Santa Pat will be available again this year. We will pay Santa Pat $100 which he donates to a charity. Don has said he wants to do some sort of Toys for Tots program at the event this year.

Security: A.D. is still trying to find out if other HOAs in our area are using SEAL. He thinks some section of Oak Forest is.

Deed Restrictions: The next drive-through will be done on November 3.

The November meeting will be held on Thursday the 7th, not our normal 2nd Thursday, due to Sandy’s work schedule. This change will need to be announced in RoCO and NextDoor.

Sandy adjourned the meeting at 8:38pm.

Footnote 1: A zoomable map showing the boundaries of District 148 shows that Oakhaven, Oak Trail, and Bolivia in Candlelight Oaks are in that District.