COCC Meeting Minutes – March 2022

Date: 3/10/2022
Time: 7:30 pm
Facilitator: Sandy Ericksen
In Attendance
Sandy Ericksen*
Dan Sherer *
Cassie Ramsay*
Lori Bulla*
Polina Blossman*
Daniel Gonzales*
Johanna Wolfe*
Approval of Minutes
Minutes from January and February meeting was sent out for review on March 10th. Approved minutes will be posted on website.
Committee Seats
No new information to discuss.
Treasurer report for February 2022.
• Revenues were unfavorable to budget by $1,183
• Expenses were favorable for the month by $11,146
o 2 months of Landscaping and Security expenses have not posted ($9,934 budgeted)
• Total income for the month was favorable by $9,962
February 2022
• Revenues were unfavorable to budget by $1,140
• Expenses were favorable for the month by $5,561
o Landscaping and Security expenses have not posted ($4,777 budgeted)
• Total income for the month was favorable by $4,287
Profits and Losses YTD
• As a comparison to budget, for the month we have $37,116 in Gross Revenue, $5,448 in Total Expenses, after deprecation COCC has Net Income of $31,341. I expect this to approach budget i.e. $0 once the landscaping and security expenses have been incurred.

Accounts Receivable
• There are $16,007 in assessments and late fees due to COCC that are from 2022 and prior years from 17 residents.
• There are $16,835 in 2022 assessments from 70 residents. This is anyone that owes more than $370

The COCC dues numbers reflect until the end of February and does not include payments that were received in the last two weeks. Sandy has reported that there have been several accounts brought up to date. The board is working towards communicating with residence that have outstanding dues.
Pool Report
Lori has researched current chemical costs and found that most of the chemicals COCC needs for the pool have doubled in cost before sales tax. There is concern that prices will continue to increase so Lori is proposing to go ahead and buy in bulk for the year and proposing to increase pavilion rental to $150 +$50 cleaning fee. The $50 cleaning fee would be refundable if the renter leaves the area in good order but the $150 would be kept and used for post party pool clean up.
Johanna asked how many rentals did we have in the past years? Sandy will provide the 2018 and 2019 pavilion rentals as 2020 and 2021 were zero due to pandemic.
Johanna asked if it is difficult to refund the cleaning fee? Sandy and Lori confirmed that the board requests renters to provide two checks. One for $150 and a second for the $50. The $50 check would be given back uncashed if determined the renter has met all requirements.
Motion: Sandy moved to buy all chemicals in bulk.
Board: Unanimous vote to buy pool chemicals in bulk.
Motion: Lori moved to increase pavilion rental to $150 nonrefundable plus an additional $50 refundable if renter leaves pavilion and pool area in good order.
Board: Unanimous vote to buy increase pavilion rental to $200 with $50 refundable if left in good area.
Motion: Sandy moves to get an arborous to assess the pool palm trees and if they are dead having them removed. Sandy is recommending to contact Tree Search Farm to get a arborous recommendation on the health of the palm trees.
Board: Unanimous agrees to get an arborist to assess the tree and regroup via email to vote to remove trees if they are dead. In the meantime, we will continue to get bids for the removal.
The Board has received a quote to remove Palm Trees but going to request another from one additional vendor. Sandy is reaching out to New Image to get another bid on the Palm Trees
SMC has returned with a quote for landscaping. SMC has signed a contract with the NNMD to maintain Tidwell and may help with cost of trees that hang over Tidwell. Sandy will contact to verify this is confirmed.
The four trees at the entrance of the neighborhood need to be trimmed. The board has a current quote of $2,200 for this trimming. Address an issue from the January and February board meetings, the Board has received a bid for the irrigation and landscaping for Charlie’s Garden. The bid is approximately $6,400. $4,500 is for addressing two new zones, the meter, vacuum breaker, valves, etc and the rest is for landscaping of Charlie’s Garden. Dan had estimated approximately $5,000 for these repairs/replacement. In addition, SMC said they could help getting in touch with the near northwest District to address the broken meter.
The board has budgeted $1,700 per month for landscaping and estimates contracting with SMC could save landscaping expense and projects a total of $6.000 per year.
Jose with Landscape Texas provided a bid on mulch and installation of mulch. Sandy has recommended to get a second bid from SMC. Dan will follow up on the additional bid.
The board is questioning how long we are required to follow Kaboom requirements including type of mulch. It is believed the playground was gifted in 2008/2009 and requirements have lapsed.
Motion: Sandy moves to purchase the mulch as soon as it is in stock due to concerns of future availability.
Board: Unanimous to purchase mulch. Dan will follow up with installation quote.
Dan is recommending a review of Landscaping options and next steps. Dan will follow up on this issue and communicate with the board via email if information changes before the next board meeting. Lori is recommending a performance clause be part of any contract. Dan will forward all landscaping contracts for the board to review/approve.
Deed Restrictions
Completed recent deed restriction drive on February 6, 2022. All the letters were sent out. We will determine next drive through date in the April meeting. Polina reports that a few people have addressed the issues from February letters. Polina has sent thank you letters.

Lori created an architecture committee statement that will be sent to the COCC attorney for approval. This is the first step to creating and implementing an architecture committee. The next step is to receive board approval, then residential approval and finally recruiting non-board member residents to sit on the committee.
The neighborhood has a new officer named John. The Board has received verification that the vacation watch is available and being performed. The form is currently on the website but no easy to get to. Polina will post the vacation watch form and update board members on website.
Acorn Newsletter
Newsletter will be available to pick up and distribute.
Next social event is April 3rd from 4pm to 6pm. A food truck has been reserved and we are still looking for additional trucks. Board members will present / promote pool memberships and pavilion rentals. Dan proposes to coordinate with CO Village and use social media to accomplish this effort.
Follow Up
1. Landscaping bids and termination of current contract
2. Palm Tree health and next steps
3. Deed restriction continuous violations
4. Combining communication with CO Village
5. Historic Pavilion rentals for 2018 and 2019
Next Meeting
March 14, 2022 / 7:30, Zoom
Meeting ended 8:49 pm