COCC Meeting Minutes – October 2022

Date: 10/13/2022
Time: 7:33 pm
Facilitator: Sandy Erickson
In Attendance
Sandy Ericksen
Dan Sherer
Cassie Ramsay
Lori Bulla
Johanna Wolfe
Hope Edmondson
Polina Blossman
Helen Short – resident guest
Approval of Minutes
September meeting notes approved.
Board Activity/Communication Prior to Meeting
The board has acquired the service of a new HOA attorney.
Committee Seats
A vote for various open board seats will occur Saturday October 15, 2022.
Below is a summary of the treasurer report for the month ending September 2022.
YTD vs. Budget
• Revenues unfavorable to budget by $9,589
o Homeowner dues unfavorable by $10,844
o Late fee income, Pavilion rental and Member Pool revenue are favorable by $8,034
• Expenses are unfavorable by $1,255
o Accounting Services, Community Events, Pool/Playground Repairs, Landscape Contract and Security Repair expenses are currently favorable by $2,789
o Other maintenance and repairs related to fence repairs from summer storms were unbudgeted by $8,353
• Total income is unfavorable by $16,829 to budget

September 2022 vs. Budget
• Revenues for the month were unfavorable to budget by $1,030
• Expenses were unfavorable for the month by $6,779
o Other repairs and Security were unfavorable by $8,103
• Total income for the month was unfavorable by $7,648 to budget
Profits and Losses
• YTD: $69,270 in Gross Revenue, $94,858 in Total Expenses, after deprecation COCC has YTD Net Income of -$26,233
• September: $795 in Gross Revenue, $15,129 in Total Expenses, after depreciation COCC has a Monthly Net income of -$14,333

Accounts Receivable
• There are $8,250 in assessments and late fees due to COCC that are from 2021 and prior years from 9 residents. This is anyone that owes more than $390.
• There are $3,103 in 2022 assessments from 20 residents.

Pool Report
There are no new memberships or projects to report.
A resident joined the meeting to discuss the landscaping budget. Dan Sherer discussed the monthly budget for landscaping maintenance but also presented the additional expenses such as tree trimming, tree removal, and repairs. The board explained the bid process for selection of the current vendor for landscaping and the scope of work that is part of the contract.

Since the September meeting, the playground fence has been repaired, 60 yards of mulch was added to the playground, the gazebos have been trimmed but it was discovered the lattice board is in disrepair and the fence at the playground has been completed. It was discovered during the gazebo trimming that much of the gazebos lattice work is in disrepair. Dan Sherer is recommending the lattice boards are removed. The removal will not affect the stability of the structure.

The board is still working with the residence regarding the Tidwell fence and brick column removal.
Deed Restrictions
The next deed restriction review will occur October 23, 2022.
A resident attended the meeting and expressed concerns about Homeland Security company. The resident explained she is not getting a response from Homeland when she calls. We discussed the issues that in detail and will follow up with Homeland. The resident was encouraged to call the police if she is concerned for her or others safety.
Acorn Newsletter
The newsletter is on hold until a replacement candidate is selected.
Johanna has confirmed with a food truck from 4 pm to 8 pm. Dan will confirm the tap truck from 3 pm to 8 pm. Dan will bring a TV for the Astros game and the PA system for the city council guest speaker. We hope the guest speaker will discuss the bayou widening project, the Tidwell sidewalk widening and other area projects.
Follow Up from September
Next Meeting
November 10, 2022 / 7:30 pm
Meeting ended: 8:48 pm