COCC Meeting Minutes – August 2017

August 10, 2017 Meeting Attendees:  Lori Bulla, Sandy Ericksen, Amelie Fredland, Marilyn Harper, Trenton Kelley, AD Koen, Mike Kuhnen, Darin Lee, SEAL officer Montgomery, Lori Perjak, Richard Solis

Meeting began 7:30pm.

SEAL Officer Montgomery provided a print out of neighborhood incidents to all who were at the meeting.  Vacation watches are available by providing this completed form to SEAL or asking an Officer directly.  There is no cost to residents since this is part of the paid SEAL services.  SEAL reminds us that the number 1 reason for burglaries of vehicles is that vehicles are left unlocked.

Pool – There are currently 58 memberships.  There is $6,600 income from both memberships and pavilion rentals including an upcoming rental.  There are no major maintenance issues at this time.

Deed Restrictions – Another drive through is being schedule for August 26.

Landscape – No changes at this time.

Finance – Current balance is $120,255.19.  The current amount of 2017 and past due collected HOA dues since Oct 2016 is $ 115,798.20.  The amount of unpaid HOA dues is now $24,996.59.  Trenton is creating an updated budget showing actual cost/expenditures verses projected for 2018.  He plans to distribute within a couple of weeks for board review, and it will be available for the elections in October at Oaks Fest.   Letters were sent to 44 residents who have not paid HOA dues in full.  Currently 22 homeowners have not paid 2017 dues.  Two board members met with the finance service Proledge which currently provides some financial services to the board.  Some service that Proledge may provide COCC for a fee is issuing monthly statements and budget review, but Proledge will not have access to the bank account.  Their list of services and costs are being reviewed.  Banking processes for other businesses were discussed by several board members as suggested processes for our COCC.  The board is seeking an interest bearing account for the savings portion of the budget.  There is a Proledge proposal list with services and costs which is starting to be reviewed.

Records – being stored

Social – In September, the Labor Day party is being planned for Sunday, Sept. 3 instead of Monday.  Several family friendly features for the event were brought up as well which includes special lighting for a Movie Night along with open pool and serving a chicken meal.  An estimated $80 printing fee for mailbox notices was discussed including discounts for creating the notices. For Oaks Fest, a bottle share is being planned again.  This is not a fund raiser, but raffle tickets will be sold to offset the cost of wine basket gifts which residents can win with raffle tickets.  Food provision for the Oaks Fest is being discussed.

Long Term Planning – Steps for building a traffic protective wall for COCC along Tidwell include getting signatures from residents listing our concerns and talking to Brenda Stardig with the concerns and inviting her to personally witness the traffic along Tidwell.  Our City Council and Public Works representatives would also be included in the invitation.  If a majority of residents show concern, it would help move the issue to a 5 year plan of Capital Improvement with the City of Houston.  Traffic Incident statistics from HPD would be collected by Ms. Stardig.  The plan is to provide further information to residents at the Oaks Fest election meeting in October.   There will be at least 3 board positions open for voting at Oaks Fest including Pool, Secretary and Treasurer.  All volunteers can be found an assignment to assist the COCC board.  Please come forward!  Each role receives assistance as needed from other board members.

Handouts from the Ed Emmett meeting in August were given out as well as a list of Harris county public health pet wellness veterinary fees.  The meeting ended 8:43pm