The Candlelight Oaks playground is one of the jewels of our neighborhood.

Featuring a rock wall, multiple slides, monkey bars, and more, the Candlelight Oaks playground was designed by kids for kids through a Kaboom! grant. It also features a BBQ area with cute tables for parents to rest and watch their children play.

The playground is open during daylight hours and designed for use by all Candlelight Oaks residents. The parking lot is accessible from Tidwell, just west of Bolivia.


  • Wear proper footwear.
  • Respect others.
  • Take turns.
  • Help children who are younger.
  • Sit on the center of the swing and hold on with both hands.
  • Go down slides feet first, sitting up, one person at a time.
  • Check the bottom of the slide before you go down.
  • Always watch out for others while climbing up and down.
  • Dry off equipment after a rainstorm.
  • When jumping or dropping, keep your knees bent and land on both feet.
  • Stay seated on seesaws, and keep a firm hold with both hands.
  • If you fall, try to roll.

Here are photos of the installation of the playground: