Candlelight Oaks is a quiet community, partially because we make security a collective priority.

The COCC Board has a security budget for every year, raised by resident dues, and Homeland Protective Services, Inc. is the firm we’ve contracted to help keep our neighborhood safe.

Homeland Protective Services, Inc. is a highly-trained patrol service that monitors our neighborhood to deter suspicious activity. Officer uniforms, police-style vehicle exteriors, company processes, training methods and professional image have been meticulously designed to deter criminal activity.

Neighbors, when you see something happening in your neighborhood, protect yourself first, then call 9-1-1, and then call Homeland Protective Services, Inc.

Homeland Protective Services, Inc. 24-hour dispatch is available at 1-877-981-7866

Going out of town? For a peace of mind download, complete, and submit the below Vacation Watch form to [email protected]