COCC Meeting Minutes – March 2018

Candlelight Oaks Civic Club, Inc.
Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting
March 8, 2018

Present: Sandy Ericksen, Amelie Fredland (by phone), Jill Prado Salyers, Darilene Bonnet, Lori Bulla, Michael Kuhnen, AD Koen, Darin Lee. Absent: Richard Solis Residents: Marilyn Jo Harper. Guest: SEAL Sgt Bonsey

Sandy Ericksen President
Amelie Fredland Vice-President , Deed Restrictions Support
Jill Prado Salyers Treasurer / Financial
Charles Bowman Asst. to Treasurer / Financial
Darilene Bonnet Secretary
Lori Bulla Pool Committee Chair
A.D. Koen Security Committee Chair
Michael Kuhnen Deed Restrictions Chair; Long-Range Planning
Richard Solis Social Chair; Acorn Delivery
Darin Lee Landscaping Chair

*Marilyn Jo Harper Acorn Editor 2018

At 7:34PM, meeting was called to order by Sandy Ericksen. SEAL presented the February 2018 Incident Report. The most newsworthy incident happened at an HEB on I-10 in the ladies room bathroom where a young male allegedly assaulted a young woman (broken ribs and teeth), who had no idea who this man was. HPD was involved and CO neighbors are aware of this incident.

Michael discussed an incident where his pick up truck had its tail gate stolen right from under his view at his home, in a matter of 45 seconds. When he reentered the house to secure the interior, the thieves made away with his tailgate. This was posted on ROCO, immediately by Michael, and discussed there and at length at the Board meeting.

A.D. spoke about the 2015 SEAL Contract, overdue for renewal, which had been sent to Board members for review and comment prior to this meeting. The 2015 agreement, under review was for 30 hours of coverage for our neighborhood / 15 hours for COV, for a set rate, $27.00/hour (with a 30 Day out). A.D. made note that occasionally SEAL under-charges CO a few hours when the monthly totals are being evaluated. A question was asked, if we call SEAL and an officer is not on duty, SEAL stated that SEAL will dispatch one if “necessary and available” and responds at no additional charge. Per A.D, the new contract will have a provision for a fuel surcharge clause, where we will pay $.50 for every charge above $4.00/gallon. SEAL will provide a schedule and per A.D. , “we trust you guys to provide a schedule and we do not need to know what that is”. This contract is normally renewed annually, so we are a year overdue and are effectively on a month-to month verbal agreement. The Board agreed to continue with a new contract for SEAL.

Discussion about the “Surveillance Sign” at the pool and how this could work currently. Darilene stated that in the past, there was a WEB Cam that was used by parents to check on their kids swimming at the pool. Marilyn said that this would require too much equipment in the bathroom building. Although this is not available now, Darilene and others can explore this “possibility” in the future. Marilyn says that we are trying to save money to re-plaster the pool which is going to need it. Regarding signs, A.D. will take stock of all SEAL signage needed in CO. Michael suggested that A.D. ask SEAL to provide these signs, at least 4-5 enlarged signs. Gill is our resident printer who can help with this.

TREASURER REPORT: Jill said she needs help. Darilene asked Jill if she had wrapped up 2017 and Jill said no, and did not know how Proledge could help her to reconcile 2017 year end. Jill stated that she sent to Charlie some documents to catch up 2017 and organize himself with the help of Proledge and that she is very late with the financials for last year (when she was not Treasurer). Proledge puts financials together for us, but they need to know all the checks we have written in the last months of 2017 and what they were for. The checks can be pulled up online, copy front and back and researched; Charlie offered to help Jill when she is available. Sandy also offered to come help Jill with the boxes of records that Trenton transferred to Jill.

Charlie said we must get the checks identified and added to a statement so Proledge can finish the year 2017 and work on January & February 2018 in Quickbooks. Jill wants to create her own system (merging Excel & Quickbooks) but this is more easily done at the beginning of the year and/or year-end. We have to have the books up to date to have an Audit.

Regarding 2018 Maintenance Fees, Charlie said about 28 residents have not paid yet this year, and approx. 10 have made payments towards their balance so far. Sandy thought there were more unpaid than that, and she will receive the Past Due List from Jill to follow-up with Gloria at Proledge to send out Past Due Statements next week.

Sandy will get boxes of accounting statements scanned and put on a disk with Charlie’s help as soon as possible. She also wants to shred documents after they have been digitized. The Board has not had an audit for 4-5 years. Darilene suggested that shredding be done only after a complete audit and asked who will keep the digital files – Perhaps a third party?

POOL : Lori has 1 membership for 2018 thus far. Guardian Safe & Lock were contacted to present a new card reader/gate entry into the pool. Described as a free standing unit, battery operated with an alarm, running cards COCC currently has, can be programmed at the gate, cards can be scanned and numbers registered at the gate, retains history. Gate entry fobs were also considered but deemed too expensive. Past membership is about 53 families. Noted by Lori B, each year, she will de-activate the cards and re-activate them as old memberships are renewed. This system reauthorizes members without giving out new cards to everyone each year. There is a $20 charge to have a lost card replaced. Motion made to approve the new card reader was made by Sandy, to be installed as soon as possible, seconded, and all were in favor by show of hands.

Our Savior Lutheran will pay to hold its usual swimming class with non-exclusive use, during the summer months. One class from 9:00am – 11:00am for 2 weeks, plus a free swim on Friday mornings all summer; paying to use CO pool and for the increased chemical use. OSL provides copies of their insurance, waivers signed by each child’s parents/ guardian. Motion was made by Lori to approve the OSL agreement, seconded and all were in favor by show of hands.

DEED RESTRICTIONS: The next DR Drive-through, usually taking about 2 1/2 hours is scheduled for Saturday, March 17th from 1-3 PM. Board members will be Michael and Darin, volunteer Marilyn takes notes. Amelie will send out the DR Letters as in the past.

LANDSCAPING: Ray Cowart is our current landscaper and also maintains the pool. Lori said that Ray bags lawn clippings around the pool area, a big challenge in the past for the pool and swimmers. To pool members, it is important that pool cleaning is coordinated with the mowing. Ray will treat for ants prior to the Easter Egg Hunt (pool area responsibilities). Ray gets a work order, gives it to Lori B and then sends this to Sandy for invoicing. It was decided Jill needs to be involved in the invoicing.

Darin asked about the budget ($25,000/year) and scope of work. There is NO SCOPE OF WORK today, no contract (no month-to-month as thought to be) per Michael. All is verbal. The agreement is to clean the pool ($600/month); total amount per month allocated to Landscaping, tax included is $2,800 (pool, playground, Tidwell, green space, common areas, islands, etc. ) Darin asked if he could get other bids or must he use Ray? If Darin can find someone with proper insurance, less expensive, the Board will consider. Is it possible to split the pool from the rest of the landscaping duties? Darin will talk to Ray to understand his timing, scope of responsibilities, etc.

RECORDS: Being stored, per Sandy.

SOCIAL: No new news. Easter Party is ready to go. There was already a “Save the Date” announcement. White picket fence will be repaired by Easter.

OUTSTANDING: Approval of minutes, perhaps by email? Lori B made revisions to Jan and Feb Minutes, but to revise them, Darilene does not know how to work with the revisions Lori has made in the Word documents. Darilene must be “ok” with whatever the Board decides about the meeting minute amendments/edits made by Lori B and Sandy. We continue to struggle with a different “philosophy” about meeting minutes (Acorn ready or actual problem solving notes & decisions or Roberts Rules)

NEW TOPIC: Darilene presented an outline of the Board Roles and Responsibilities Sheet to the Board, based on a similar outline in 2004 newsletter by then president Jerry Rog, in order to recruit for new officers and help current officers have some clearer guidelines of the work needing to be performed by Board Officers. Also, it was hoped that this might be of interest in recruiting assistants and committee members. Green notations were things that applied then in 2004 (not in 2018), blue notations were suggestions to be considered by the Board and by each Chair. This is a “tool” to use. Darin appreciated knowing this about his new role as Landscaping Chair. Michael said it was very good information and thank you. Sandy said that it could be sent out in the Fall when we are looking for recruits for the October elections. Michael proposed that all Chairs review their sections and make corrections and let Darilene know your changes.

Meeting Adjourned at 9:05PM.