COCC Meeting Minutes – September 2018

Candlelight Oaks Civic Club, Inc
Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting
September 13, 2018

Sandy Ericksen President
Amelie Fredland Vice-President
Jill Prado Salyers Treasurer
Darilene Bonnet Secretary
Lori Bulla Pool Committee Chair
A.D. Koen Security Committee Chair
Michael Kuhnen Deed Restrictions Chair
Richard Solis Social Chair; Acorn Delivery
Darin Lee Landscaping Chair
Charlie Bowman Asst. to Treasurer / Financial

Marilyn Jo Harper Acorn Editor 2018

Present: Sandy Ericksen, Lori Bulla, Darin Lee, A.D. Koen, Richard Solis, Charlie Bowman Absent: Michael Kuhnen, Darilene Bonnet, Jill Prado Salyers, Amelie Fredland
Residents: Marilyn Harper, Gill Daoust, Gerard Bohorquez Guest: SEAL Sgt Bonsey

At 7:35 pm, Sgt Bonsey discussed the August SEAL reports. One of the recent problems has been that, with school back in session, students from the Yes Academy are hanging out in the COCC playground. One of the gazebos is a favorite spot, and that area is often found littered with trash, such as cigarette butts and beer bottles. On one occasion, SEAL observed 6 young males climbing over the fence in that area. Trespassers are reminded that they walked past the No Trespassing signs, and asked to leave.

President Sandy Ericksen called the official meeting to order at 7:52 pm. Social Chair Richard Solis reported that resident Christian Barraza is helping to find good buys on lounge chairs and other such items needed for the pool. Richard also wants a storage shed.

Treasury: Charlie Bowman reported that the audit is ongoing, and Jill and Charlie are providing everything the auditors request. Charlie suggested that the Board find a way to get an email address for every homeowner who wants to provide one. This would be a cost-cutting measure, allowing invoices to be emailed, bypassing the expense of printing and mailing.

Landscaping: Darin said he would like to switch the general landscaping contract to a company he has a bid for. This will initially be a month-to-month trial period, starting Oct 1. Sandy made a motion for Darin to proceed, Darin seconded, motion was approved. CO resident Ray Cowart will continue to do the landscaping at the pool and playground, to enable the coordination needed between pool maintenance and mowing — since Ray is also the pool contractor. There was a discussion of the need for some cul-de-sac trees to be pruned for elevation. Marilyn reported that the trees on the Bayou Vista cul-de-sac have branch tips grown so far down that they are impeding traffic. Recommendations for tree services will be sought.

Social: The Oaksfest party will be held at the pool on Saturday, Oct 13. BBQ catered by Gabby’s and possibility of some beer kegs were mentioned by Richard. Details should be available by deadline for the October Acorn. It looks like the COCC Christmas event will be held again at the superbly decorated front yard of the Kiger family on Oakhaven. That same fabulous Santa Claus from last year may be back. And finally, Richard recommended that SEAL should be requested to run patrols in CO on Halloween night. Security Chair A.D Koen will make the request.

Treasury again: Charlie said that a statement would be sent to every homeowner with a balance — about 20, he said — at the end of September. This will be a reminder of what they currently still owe, before the 2019 dues invoices go out.

Deed Restrictions: As Michael was not present, Marilyn presented an issue that arose for the Drive-through on Sept 8. No one had a “Second Letter” template to be used for homeowners where the violations seen on July 21 had not been corrected. She found an old 2nd Letter that had been used by the APM management company dated 2007, and modified it for current usage, but keeping the paragraph that mentioned a $25 charge if a 3rd Letter was needed. Several board members who reviewed the letter had objected to the $25 charge (which actually made more sense when CO was paying a mgmt. co. to do the DR) and said the whole Board should decide. It was agreed that paragraph would be removed, and the letter should be revised to emphasize communication between homeowners and the Board. Sandy and Darin stated that those who need help with issues such as overgrown vines should let the board know, and there could be volunteer help for those types of problems.

A.D. said that his wife Bobbie was interested in running for an open position on the board, but unfortunately it is not permitted for 2 homeowners from the same address to serve on the board at the same time. He then passed out a copy of Bobbie Koen’s proposal for a Story Hour program to be started in CO. Based around the 3 Children’s Lending Libraries established this summer on 3 of our cul-de-sacs, the Story Hour would feature an adult, possibly wearing a costume, reading a book to children and their parents who had come to the event. Bobbie will probably need some interested adults to work with her to develop this plan. Her initial proposal will be posted on social media and will be run in the Acorn.

Charlie said the Board should hold a regular business meeting on Oct 11, separate from the Oaksfest party on Saturday 13. Those present agreed.

Sandy adjourned the meeting at 9:15.