COCC Meeting Minutes – February 2020

Candlelight Oaks Civic Club, Inc
Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting
February 13, 2020
Sandy Ericksen President
Lori Bulla Vice-President & Pool Committee Chair
Dan Gonzalez Treasurer
Charlie Bowman Volunteer Assistant Treasurer
Marilyn Harper Secretary & Acorn Editor
A.D. Koen Security Committee Chair
Michael Kuhnen Deed Restrictions Chair
Darin Lee Landscaping Chair
Cassie Ramsay Social Committee Chair
Johanna Wolfe Long Range Planning & Government Outreach
Present: Sandy Erichsen, Lori Bulla, A.D. Koen, Michael Kuhnen, Marilyn Harper, Dan
Gonzalez, Johanna Wolfe, Cassie Ramsay, Darin Lee. Guest: Victor Colmenares of
Outreach Strategists.
Sandy opened the meeting at 7:40 pm.
The guest Mr Colmeranes was from the same group that had sent an employee to sit in on
our January meeting. Outreach Specialists has been hired by some city department to
monitor HOA board meetings to see what services neighborhoods are talking about.
Treasury: Dan reported that the bank balance was currently $16,970 ahead of where we
thought we would be at the end of January, according to the predicted 2020 budget.
About 35% of the homeowners have not yet paid their 2020 dues, which are officially
overdue as of January 31. There are still some accounts not fully paid up from last year,
but Dan said 80% of those not paid are from this year. Payment plans will be set up to
accommodate those not yet paid. The total currently unpaid is $43K, with $8K of that
being overdue more than 60 days (i.e. from 2019).
Pool: Lori and Sandy made visits to 2 references that had replastering and other work
done by (1) Guthrie Pools and (2) Texas Aquatic Enterprises. Guthrie’s reference was
more favorable than the other. Lori likes Guthrie Pools and presented a detailed work
proposal with itemized costs from them. Mike wants to try to meet with Guthrie at our
pool next week, preferably Monday when he has a day off, to get some idea of what
concrete work, e.g. walkways around pool, they recommend. The options on the Guthrie
proposal were all discussed, and only those most essential to getting the pool repaired
were added up: 1) prep and chip-out to remove the old surface, 2) plaster with upgrade to
50% quart for durability, 3) replacement of missing tiles from kiddie pool, using those
that Sandy bought last year, and 4) “start-up” procedure after pool is refilled to condition
the new plaster over a 4-day period. Mike added up the cost of these options, which came
out to $25,867. Lori proposed to the board that we approve spending this amount to hire
Guthrie Pools, Sandy seconded, and all present voted Yes to proceed.
There are still some issues related to concrete walkways needing repair, and upgrading
the lights around the pool, which can be addressed later, and can be voted on by email.
But it was essential to get the basic pool renovation started ASAP, so it will be ready for
Spring activities. We will have a Spring Spruce-Up event on a Saturday, and hope we can
get residents to come over and help us. Mike will work up a list of chores and minor
repairs that willing volunteers can do, and we will announce when the list is ready.
Security: A.D. reported that he never was able to contact any references for the
American Guards Security company that was visited way back in November 2019. He
has met with Homeland Protective Services and passed around their handout. This seems
like a good possibility for a new hire, and A.D. will ask them to send someone to meet
the board at the March meeting.
Landscaping: Darin reported that City of Houston has never responded to his requests
for removal of a few dead trees on their esplanades on Tidwell. He said he might just pick
them up himself, using a chainsaw to cut trunks into size that would fit in his truck. Mike
said he might be able to help too. No specific date and time were mentioned.
Social: Cassie said she will have a new scenario for the Easter event this year. No longer
will people have to bring their own plastic eggs, nor line their children up for egg hunts at
a specific time. She is going to buy plastic eggs that can be reused, to be traded in for
prizes. Edibles will include chicken nuggets, sweets, and drinks. There will be an Easter
invitation flyer delivered to mailboxes explaining the new event — Should be much easier
for everyone.
Deed Restrictions: There was a discussion of how DR is being conducted these days.
We had a full house, all 9 board members being present. Unlike other discussions of how
and why it had come to pass that COCC quit using the $25 fine as an incentive for
homeowners not to simply ignore DR letters, this time there was more interest in reviving
this practice. It has not been used for some years now, during which DR drive-throughs
were being conducted, and letters sent out. It was agreed that Sandy will speak to our
HOA attorney about the use of fines for ignoring DR letters, and Marilyn will look into a
modified version of the verbiage that used to be found in these letters, back when paid
HOA management companies were handling DR for COCC, Inc. We are now saying that
DR letter recipients can simply let us know what their plan is to fix things, and that will
stop them from getting further letters. Some people have filed a plan, but it then may take
further nudging to get something happening. The biggest problem is people who simply
ignore the letters completely.
Meeting was adjourned at 9:20 pm.