COCC Meeting Minutes – November 2021

Candlelight Oaks Civic Club, Inc
Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting
November 11, 2021

Sandy Ericksen President
Lori Bulla Vice-President & Pool Committee Chair
Dan Gonzalez Treasurer
Marilyn Harper Secretary & Acorn Editor
Hope Edmondson Security Committee Chair
Polina Blossman Deed Restrictions Chair & Website
Dan Sherer Landscaping Chair
-Open- Social Committee Chair
Johanna Wolfe Long Range Planning & Government Outreach
Cassie Ramsay Inducted to open seat; elected for 2022-2023

NOTE: There was no board meeting for October 2021. The election was held at the COCC pool/playground, along with a Food Truck Social. Results of the election:
28 ballots were cast.
The budget is approved. 27 voted yes, 1 no.
Lori and Cassie are on the 2021 board.
27 votes for Lori ( she did not vote for herself)
22 write-in votes for Cassie
One additional write-in candidate: Royal Honore

Present: Sandy Ericksen, Lori Bulla, Marilyn Harper, Dan Gonzalez, Johanna Wolfe. ZOOM: Hope Edmondson, Dan Sherer, Cassie Ramsay. Absent: Polina Blossman. Guest: Christina Walsh, assistant to State Rep Penny Morales Shaw.

Sandy opened the meeting at 7:40 pm.

Pool: Lori reported that Ray Cowart, resident who maintains the pool grounds and equipment, has bid on rehabbing the set of 8 chaise longues that are very worn out. Lori recommended that the Board do it, and do it during the off-season when the seats are not in constant demand, and Ray has time to work on the project. The total price comes to $541.25. Johanna moved that we do this, Hope seconded, and all members voted Yes.

Treasury: Dan Gonzalez went through the details of the budget as it stood the day before the meeting. The invoices for 2022 will be going out soon. There will be reminders posted on RoCO and NextDoor regarding the invoices, so that homeowners will be checking to see if they have received theirs yet.

2021 YTD
• Revenues were unfavorable to budget by $4,863.47
o Although some letters have been sent to all residents that still need to pay their annual dues there are still a few outstanding that have yet to pay their assessments. A few residents did pay outstanding dues in October
• Expenses were favorable to budget by $2,000.41
• Total Income was unfavorable to budget by $2,896.05
October 2021
• Revenues were favorable for the month by $1,035
• Expenses were favorable for the month by $2,126
• Total income for the month was favorable by $2,123
Profits and Losses YTD
• As a comparison to budget, for the year we have $75,721 in Gross Profits, $92,918 in Total Expenses, after depreciation COCC has Net Income of -$18,829
Accounts Receivable
• There are $10,330 in assessments due to COCC that are from previous years from 9 residents
• There are $3,210 in 2021 assessments that are in the current period from 18 residents

Workday: Dan Sherer’s Tidwell volunteer cleanup project will be conducted on Saturday Nov 20 starting at 8:30 a.m. Tasks to be done include a refresh of plants and mulch for Charlie’s Garden on the Bolivia esplanade, power washing of the white brick walls on each side of Bolivia, and tree cleanup on the Tidwell sidewalks. The exact tasks to be done on Tidwell depend on whether the NNMD and/or Homeland Security can help with traffic control, as fallen or cut branches will be put into a trailer on Tidwell, if that can be done safely.

Security: Hope reported that a “slimjim” device was found in the vicinity of some recently reported car break-ins. She said this suggests that not all losses from cars were due to owners not locking their cars, or use of high-tech gadgets for unlocking cars. She said that Homeland patrols were now spotting and advising door-to-door solicitors that CO is a no-solicitation neighborhood.

General: Due to recent changes enacted by Texas legislature regarding HOAs, our Deed Restrictions need to be updated. COCC’s attorney Chip Smith has recommended that COCC restore an Architectural Control Committee (ACC), to ensure that architectural harmony is maintained within Candlelight Oaks. He states that CO is the only HOA he works for that has let its ACC lapse. Any changes will have to be voted on by each of the 4 sections in CO. Mr. Smith will assist with updating our legal paperwork that will be eventually filed with Harris County, once approved by the required percentage of COCC property owners. To reduce legal costs to COCC for the update, Lori will write a first draft of an amendment, which will then be submitted to Mr. Smith for legal review. Following approval by the board and Mr. Smith, the draft will be presented to COCC’s property owners for their vote.

Our guest, assistant to State Representative Penny Morales Shaw, was eager to work with CO board members, although only a few of our homes are in District 148 — Most of us are in District 139 with Jarvis Johnson.

Sandy closed the meeting at 8:50 pm.