COCC Meeting Minutes – November 2022

Date: 11/10/2022
Time: 7:36 pm
Facilitator: Sandy Erickson 346-248-7799 813 2175 0324
In Attendance
Sandy Ericksen
Dan Gonzalez
Cassie Ramsay
Lori Bulla
Johanna Wolfe
Hope Edmondson
Polina Blossman
John Carr
Approval of Minutes
October meeting notes were approved.
Board Activity/Communication Prior to Meeting
Johanna updated the board on the bayou expansion project. The project is currently in the last stages of the bid process so there is movement since the last contractor went out of business.
Committee Seats
Open board seats were successfully voted in and will begin new terms in 2023.
John Carr and Polina Polson will be reaching out to the Tidwell Heights development to discuss the possibility of accessing our park and pool at membership fees. This may open a new income source. John will reach out and keep the board up to date on any communication.
Nine residents were sent HOA delayed notices. The letters set a deadline was communicated. If the board does not receive communication from the residence, then they will be turned over to the attorney. Three residence who are multiple years behind on HOA dues have been turn over to the attorney due to a lack of communication.
Below is a summary of the treasurer report for the month ending October 2022.
YTD vs. Budget
• Revenues unfavorable to budget by $10,889
o Homeowner dues unfavorable by $12,389
o Late fee income, Pavilion rental and Member Pool revenue are favorable by $2,185
• Expenses are unfavorable by $18,887
o Accounting Services, Community Events, Pool/Playground Repairs, Landscape Contract and Security Repair expenses are currently favorable by $5,112
o Other maintenance and repairs, Insurance expense, pool chemicals and Security were unfavorable by $12,574
• Total income is unfavorable by $16,829 to budget
October 2022 vs. Budget
• Revenues for the month were unfavorable to budget by $1,300
• Expenses were unfavorable for the month by $1,263
o Landscape Contract was unfavorable by $1,060
• Total income for the month was unfavorable by $1,101 to budget
Profits and Losses
• YTD: $69,595 in Gross Revenue, $103,250 in Total Expenses, after deprecation COCC has YTD Net Income of -$34,298
• October: $325 in Gross Revenue, $8,392 in Total Expenses, after depreciation COCC has a Monthly Net income of -$8,065

Accounts Receivable
• There are $7,690 in assessments and late fees due to COCC that are from 2021 and prior years from 8 residents. This is anyone that owes more than $395.
• There are $3,428 in 2022 assessments from 16 residents
Pool Report
There are no new memberships or projects to report.
The board has been informed that the lot on Tidwell north of the pool/park will be developed with Town Homes. The board is discussing if we should extend a pool/park membership to the residence of the new development. We have a class C pool therefore we have to abide by the classification restrictions.
The board discussed that the Candlelight Oaks Village residence were invited to be members of the pool at a slightly higher fee and suggested a similar fee for the Townhouses should they be approved to join. The board discussed the income needed to maintain the pool. The cost of maintains will dramatically increase once the current pool chair retires from the board. The board will have to hire a pool maintenance service.
The board discussed the concerns regarding drainage by the new development. The concern primarily centers around to the fact that the development will be town homes will likely increase the “concrete” surface. The concerned centers around possible flooding to Candlelight Oaks residence and the pool/park access road.

The board has applied for a $5,000 grant to assist with the replacement of the pool fence. The board will have the availability to apply for a second grant next year to address the park gazebos or address improvement of the pavilion. The board will have to vote on accepting the grant or deferring. The City will notify recipients by December 2022 and the project must be completed by end of May 2023.
The board discussed a resident Grounds Cleanup event. The focus would be the pool area after the fence is replaced. This event is proposed for after the winter months.
Deed Restrictions
The last deed restriction drive occurred on October 23, 2022, and letters have been distributed. The next drive will be in January 2023. The board is discussing a new method to assessing violations. John has recommended that board members individually assess/document possible violations then submit them to the board for review. Once the board approves a resident is in violation a letter will be sent out. The board has discussed working with the new attorney to get advice on our Deed Restriction process and documents.
Submitted: Hope Edmondson, Security Liaison
Hope Edmondson researched Constables and other Security Companies
Sandy Erickson contacted Patriot Security; they are not offering services that fit our needs. She said the officer needs 8-hour shifts and 40 hours a week. It is becoming harder to find labor and the guards are expecting more money
I contacted Pivotal Security on Jones Road 832-558-2898. I have not received a response to my voice mail of today.
The Constables have a program that runs a minimum of $77K, I located this information last month. Today I saw Garden Oaks had a post about $100K for Constables positive feedback on the Constable program.
“The Harris County Contract Patrol Program provides an avenue for customers to contract with the county for supplemental law enforcement coverage. This service is provided by the Harris County Sheriff’s Office or one of the county’s eight Constable Precincts.
The contract patrol rates are shown in the table below for those customers who have contracted for 70%, 80%, or 100% of an officer’s time in accordance with the program rules.”
We do not have any crimes against persons or property for this period.
No police reports, no reports to the board via email or otherwise.
No crimes against persons reported, no home burglaries, no robberies.
No vehicle thefts reported residents of Candlelight Oaks Board
None reported to residents of Candlelight Oaks Board
None reported residents of Candlelight Oaks Board
Facebook posts
It is challenging to verify Facebook-reported incidents. It is appropriate to identify and analyze police reports.
11/07/2022 gun shots heard on Bayou Vista
There are no significant Facebook posts relating to verified security or police reports
Hope requested office Kahn more shifts.
Hope Edmondson reviewed the daily reports for October 12, 2022 to November 10, 2022
Acorn Newsletter
Follow Up from October
Next Meeting
November 10, 2022 / 7:30 pm
Meeting ended: 8:44 pm