COCC Meeting Minutes – June 2019

Candlelight Oaks Civic Club, Inc
Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting
June 13, 2019

Sandy Ericksen President
Lori Bulla Vice-President & Pool Committee Chair
Charlie Bowman Acting Treasurer
Marilyn Harper Secretary & Acorn Editor
A.D. Koen Security Committee Chair
Michael Kuhnen Deed Restrictions Chair
Darin Lee Landscaping Chair
Cassie Ramsay Social Committee Chair
Johanna Wolfe Long Range Planning & Government Outreach

Present: Sandy Erichsen, Lori Bulla, Mike Kuhnen, Marilyn Harper, Johanna Wolfe, Cassie Ramsay, A.D. Koen. Absent: Darin Lee, Charlie Bowman
Guest: SEAL Sgt Bonsey

Sandy opened the meeting at 7:32 pm, and asked Sgt Bonsey to start with his report. The month of May had the smallest number of calls for service to SEAL in several years. There were, however, 4 instances of people trying to get in to the pool, or found to be already inside the pool enclosure, who did not have access cards. In 2 of these cases, SEAL was responding to calls from actual pool members, reporting non-members and/or disruptive behavior at the pool. Upon discovering that people driving in to the COCC pool parking, or already inside the pool, do not have a card, they are advised that the pool is reserved for members and guests, and are asked to leave.

Pool: Although Darin could not attend the meeting, he had sent email earlier showing that the contracted repairs to the pavilion floor, and painting the whole structure, had been done that day. Mike said that he had bought some wood stain to be applied to the 2 new picnic tables he had brought to the pool on Splash Day May 27. Sandy said she has purchased the tiles and adhesives needed to repair the wall between the kiddie pool and the regular pool. It will probably be necessary to close and lock the pool for 1 full day to allow the tile-set to dry thoroughly before water level is raised again. New signs have been ordered for the pool to make it clear that the pool is reserved for paid members and their guests (up to 10, unless you want to pay for a Pavilion Rental Party). Resident Craig Pennington wants to show children’s movies at the pool, dusk to +90 minutes: Coming soon.

Deed Restrictions: The next drive-through will be held on Sunday, June 23, starting 1 pm. Mike will drive, Cassie will take photos, Marilyn will note the addresses and violations that are found. Several board members commented on how they had noticed yard maintenance seemed lax in many yards so far this Spring/Summer. That was easy to understand when it was raining almost every day, but it’s time to keep the grass mowed.

Social: Cassie said her next social event will be a Labor Day Luau, on Monday September 2, from 2-6 pm. It will be an Open Swim holiday. There was a discussion of whether the signs for events like this — featuring free food, free swim for CO residents — should be posted where the general public might see them and misunderstand who is invited. It was suggested that event signs should not be posted on Bolivia or anywhere that pass-though traffic would see them.

Security: A.D. said he had not been able to get in touch with his contacts at SEAL to discuss the current contract. It is proceeding on a month-to-month basis, and he believes that SEAL will want to increase their rates next year. They have not had a rate increase in 6 years.

Treasury: Charlie emailed the board the current financials, comparing 2019 to 2018 as of May 31. One noticeable difference was 27 Pool Memberships paid for last year by start of Summer, and 37 Memberships for 2019, with Sandy saying she was still getting checks for pool memberships. Sandy also said 3 homeowners’ accounts are going to our attorney for non-payment of their dues for 2 years.

Sandy adjourned the meeting at 9:15.