COCC Meeting Minutes – March 2019

Candlelight Oaks Civic Club, Inc
Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting
March 14, 2019

Sandy Ericksen President
Lori Bulla Vice-President & Pool Committee Chair
Charlie Bowman Acting Treasurer
Marilyn Harper Secretary & Acorn Editor
A.D. Koen Security Committee Chair
Michael Kuhnen Deed Restrictions Chair
Darin Lee Landscaping Chair
Cassie Ramsay Social Committee Chair
Johanna Wolfe Long Range Planning & Government Relations

Present: Sandy Ericksen, Lori Bulla, Marilyn Harper, Michael Kuhnen, A.D. Koen, Johanna Wolfe. Absent: Darin Lee, Cassie Ramsay, Charlie Bowman. Guest: SEAL Sgt Bonsey.

Meeting started at 7:35pm with Sgt Bonsey’s report on SEAL activity. It was discussed how the SEAL Report Summary Page for February noted only 3 incidents of Burglary of a Motor Vehicle, while there have been many more reports of late-night BMVs posted on social media in February, and in March. Sgt Bonsey said that when residents flag him down on patrol to tell him about a previous BMV, and he asks if it was reported to either SEAL or HPD upon discovery, the answer is generally No. He encourages all residents to promptly report all crimes, no matter how minor, to both SEAL and HPD. Reporting to HPD is the only way to influence having more police cars cruising through CO.

Pool: Lori said she checked on whether the pool expenses had risen enough to require a higher cost for Our Savior Lutheran to hold their swimming classes here. She concluded that $400 was still equitable, same price as last several years, and same conditions as far as schedule and non-exclusive use. Lori made a motion to keep the OSL price at $400, seconded by Marilyn, all were in favor.

Lori said the pavilion floor must be replaced before the 2019 season gets in full swing. She has a bid from pool caretaker Ray Cowart to buy new treated lumber floor boards, install and paint them, and paint the rest of the pavilion wood in the same color for a price of $1500. After discussion, it was decided to ask Landscaping Chair Darin Lee if we should get other bids before deciding.

Landscaping: Darin was not at the meeting, but had sent the board an email showing the recent trimming on the entrance esplanade at Bolivia. He said his contractor had just mowed and edged on Tidwell, and had said they could cut and remove tree limbs hanging over backyard fences along Tidwell for $500-$600. After discussion, it was agreed that cutting of privately owned trees would not be done without notifying the homeowners involved. Sandy volunteered to walk along Tidwell and try to identify the homes that have trees hanging over their fences and the public sidewalks. Marilyn said that identifying addresses from Tidwell might be an easier job now, using the subdivision map that Gill created for his Deed Restriction Booklet, since it has the lots and their addresses on it.

Treasury: Sandy reported that Proledge and Charlie have issued invoices for those who had past dues in March. Checks in the mailbox really picked up after that, and while there are still some accounts that are not yet caught up, Sandy said there are only 2 accounts that are badly overdue. Those will get one more letter from the board.

Story Lady: Board member A.D. Koen reported that his wife Bobbie wants to schedule her first reading session for Saturday April 6, on the cul-de-sac on Oakhaven in front of the pool. After that, there is expected to be a rotating schedule each month to have Bobbie reading at the other two Children’s Library locations. A.D. said that printer Gill Daoust will make a sign for the program that will be put up on the cul-de-sac where a reading is going to occur. We will also have announcements in our social media.

Marilyn mentioned that some residents have asked her about getting more Library stands, as the three we have are often over-filled. We will ask Richard Solis, who got us the ones we have, to inquire if HISD can provide us with an additional 3 stands this Spring. A.D. went along to pick up the stands last year and said it was an easy process, once we had permission to go get them.

Planning & Government: Johanna was surprised to find that when she was absent from the February meeting, she had been assigned to a new task of handling Government Relations. However, she accepted this request to assist with local government outreach. Her first task will be to inquire if there is any “seed money” available to put up safety barrier fencing along Tidwell where it winds its way through Candlelight Oaks. She will contact Council member Brenda Stardig’s office, to determine if the city of Houston has any resources to assist or can provide direction. Working with others on the COCC board, she will also contact the Near Northwest Management District to see if they have any suggestions regarding the problem of cars crashing into backyard fences..

Sandy adjourned the meeting at 8:50pm.