COCC Meeting Minutes – September 2019

Candlelight Oaks Civic Club, Inc

Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting

September 12, 2019


Sandy Ericksen           President                                

Lori Bulla                   Vice-President & Pool Committee Chair

Charlie Bowman         Acting Treasurer

Dan Gonzalez             Co-Treasurer

Marilyn Harper           Secretary & Acorn Editor

A.D. Koen                   Security Committee Chair     

Michael Kuhnen         Deed Restrictions Chair         

Darin Lee                    Landscaping Chair     

Cassie Ramsay            Social Committee Chair

Johanna Wolfe            Long Range Planning & Government Outreach       

Present: Sandy Erichsen, Lori Bulla, Dan Gonzalez, Darin Lee, Johanna Wolfe,

Marilyn Harper,. Absent: Cassie Ramsay, Mike Kuhnen, A.D. Koen.

Guest: SEAL Officer Sal Capetillo

Sandy called the session to order at 7:30 pm. SEAL Officer Capetillo presented the Incident Report for August, which was literally full of notes and photos of open garage doors and cars with open trunks, doors, and/or windows. In all instances, the SEAL patroller got out and looked for a resident to notify of the security risk of leaving easy access to property. There was a short discussion of SEAL patrol hours. The Board has previously asked for an even split between daytime and nighttime patrolling.  Due to some recent car break-ins, residents are now saying they are more interested in late night patrols. Marilyn asked Officer Capetillo to let SEAL administrators know that we have a special need during school week-days to have patrol during after-school hours 3-6 pm. That is when our previous patroller Sgt Bonsey often found non-resident teens had walked over from Yes Academy to the COCC Playground, sometimes resulting in drug usage and vandalism.

POOL: The pool has needed to be replastered for several years, and this will be a major effort for the upcoming winter season. Recommendations for a contractor are being sought from other HOAs with a pool. Darin suggested that the bids should include replacing all the tile as well, and not just the several places where tiles have been missing for a long time. The cost for this major fix to the COCC pool will come from treasury reserves, and will not be included as a line item in the 2020 Budget, although it will be mentioned in the Budget document.

LANDSCAPING: Darin said that he wants to have the landscaping crew put some work into trimming backyard branches that hang out over fences on Tidwell. The landscaping company no longer has to do any mowing or edging on the sidewalks on both sides of Tidwell, as the Near Northwest Management District is now including our several blocks on Tidwell in a beautification project they have for Tidwell extending west of us.

SECURITY: As A.D. Koen was not present, we don’t know if a new contract has been signed with SEAL. A.D. has previously said it had been 6 years since there had been a rate increase, and if there is going to be an increase, we need to have the details in time for the 2020 Budget going out for votes in October.

DEED  RESTRICTIONS: Marilyn reported that 10 D.R. letters had been produced from the August drive-through. Since Mike and Cassie were not present, the next drive through could not be scheduled during the meeting.

Sandy adjourned the meeting at 8:15 pm.