COCC Meeting Minutes – September 2021

Candlelight Oaks Civic Club, Inc
Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting
September 9, 2021

Sandy Ericksen President
Lori Bulla Vice-President & Pool Committee Chair
Dan Gonzalez Treasurer
Marilyn Harper Secretary & Acorn Editor
Hope Edmondson Security Committee Chair
Polina Blossman Deed Restrictions Chair & Website
Dan Sherer Landscaping Chair
-Open- Social Committee Chair
Johanna Wolfe Long Range Planning & Government Outreach

NOTE: There was no board meeting for August 2021.

Present: Sandy Ericksen, Dan Gonzalez, Johanna Wolfe, Marilyn Harper, Dan Sherer, Lori Bulla, Hope Edmondson, Polina Blossman.. NOTE: Due to the ongoing COVID-19 lockdown and social distancing, this meeting was hosted by Sandy using ZOOM.

Sandy opened the meeting at 7:35 pm.

Pool: Lori reported that the pool got inspected by CoH Health Dept, and everything regarding the pool itself was found to be Ok, but she was told that the glass-topped tables were not allowed. The glass needs to be replaced with plexiglass or some safer material by next year’s inspection.

Treasury: Dan G had sent the treasury report produced by Proledge ahead of the meeting, with the figures shown below. Dan said that current budget items that are behind expectation for the year are basically because of unpaid dues. There was a discussion about how targeted letters to homeowners behind on their dues had generated some payments earlier this year, so that will be done again.

2021 YTD (does include August)
Revenues were unfavorable to budget by $5405.
– Although some letters have been sent to all residents that still need to pay their annual dues, there are still some outstanding that have yet to pay their assessments. Total outstanding revenue is $17,227. See A/R below for additional detail.
– Expenses were favorable to budget by $2990
– Total Income was unfavorable to budget by $2441

Profits and Losses YTD
– As a comparison to budget, for the year we have $71,729 in Gross Profits, $74,448 in Total Expenses, after depreciation, COCC has Net Income of -$4025.
– Part of the large change from July was the $8350 insurance expense as well as July and August Security expenses charging the account during this time period.

Accounts Receivable
– There are $13512 in assessments due to COCC for previous years from 12 residents.
– There are $3715 in 2021 assessments that are in the current period from 18 residents.

Social: Johanna said that the Food Truck event on August 12 fell about $600 short of expectation. The BBQ was enjoyed, the Drinks truck did a brisk business, and the children who had ice cream treats enjoyed them, but the turnout simply fell short. Marilyn thought it was mostly the weather report for that evening, which had been discouraging — although it did not rain, after all. Johanna thought having the trucks parked in the pool parking area could have misled some people that might have been expecting to see the trucks in the cul-de-sac on Oakhaven. Another food truck social will be held along with the October Election on the 14th.

Security: Hope reported that crime has been very low this year in CO, but she did say that a workman in the neighborhood had some of his equipment stolen from his vehicle while he was busy working on site. She said this sort of crime is common all over northwest Houston. She advised people to beware of cars with paper license plates, if you are outside where you can see them.

Landscaping: Dan Sherer said the CoH Water Department still does not have the water meter that was restored to service on the Bolivia median working properly. He told us the mulch placed around the flowers in Charlie’s Garden in May needs to be replenished, probably costing $200-300. There was a discussion about the need for removing the palm tree which did not recover from the February Freeze. Sandy had gotten bids from New Image Trees for removing both palms in the Spring, but we opted to have them trimmed to see if they might recover. Sadly, only one of them did. There was also a discussion of the need for fresh playground “mulch”, which is not a landscaping topic. The last time the playground surface was topped up with its special mulch was April 2016, done as an Eagle Scout project by resident Thomas Vina.

It was discussed that almost no response to the “Shaggy Trees on Tidwell” issue had occurred, although Sandy said she found one home where some branches hanging over the fence had been cut, but then simply dumped onto the driveway to the pool. Dan S suggested we have a weekend work session this fall to trim trees and clean up the worst obstructions along the sidewalks on both sides of Tidwell.

Deed Restrictions: Polina said it was time to do another DR drive-through, and she, Sandy, and Marilyn agreed to October 17 at 1 pm.

Election: The COCC election for 2022-2023 will be held at the pool on October 14. We need to start advertising for several new board members, as Dan Gonzalez (Treasurer) and Marilyn Harper (Secretary) are leaving the board when their terms expire on December 31. (Note below my research into previous elections and terms.)

Sandy adjourned the meeting at 8:45 pm.

Election Notes:
Sandy Ericksen, Johanna Wolfe, Polina Blossman, Hope Edmondson, and Dan Sherer have 2021-2022 terms that extend into next year. Lori appears to be the only current member who will need to run again in the October election. Lori’s 2020-2021 term expires December 31, and I hope she will run again for 2022-2023. So COCC needs Lori and 3 new members to bring the board back up to its official 9 members for the Jan 2022 meeting. The 3 new board members will replace Dan G, Marilyn, and A.D. Koen who left the board Spring 2021 upon turning over Security Committee to Hope.