COCC Meeting Minutes – January 2022

Date: 1/13/2022
Time: 7:30 pm
Facilitator: Sandy Ericksen
In Attendance
Sandy Ericksen
Hope Edmondson
Dan Gonzalez
Dan Sherer
Cassie Ramsay
Lori Bulla
Polina Blossman
Johanna Wolfe
Approval of Minutes
Minutes from December Meeting were approved via e-mail
Committee Seats
Need to vote:
Secretary – nominated Cassie and all approved
Treasury – Nominate Daniel Gonzalez to open board position and continue role as treasurer. Approved
Vice President – nominate Lori Bolla and all approved.
President – Nominate Sandy Erickson and all approved
Security – Nominate Hope and all approved
Landscaping – Nominate Dan Sherer and all approved
Deed Restrictions – Nominate Paulina and all approved
Long Range Planning – Nominated Joanna and all approved
Pool – Nominate Lori Bolla and all approved
Calendar year 2021 a few assessments no rentals and decrease $829 dollars unfavorable
December is up $12,225
Expenses $1913 unfavorable
As of today COA has received 140 HOA dues out of 282.
Cassie will send out a notice to residence that HOA dues are due.
Wish List:
1. Gate – $10k CC & $1k OC
2. Wood Fencing on Oak Trail and Oak Haven – $20K CC
3. Security – $5k OP (expecting 10% increase)
4. Tidwell Tree Maintenance – $10k Op
5. Irrigation of Esplanade – $5k OP
6. CCTV – $15k CC – $1k OP
7. Updated Patio Area-$60k CC – $1k OP
8. sdIron Fence – $30k CC – $1k OP
9. Pool Company – $14k OP
Total: $135,00 CC $173,000 Op
Last HOA increase was 2003 and the only increase. Original is $240
Board agrees a possible increase to HOA may be needed to address increase in costs and improvement. Johanna recommended sending out a poll asking residence what would they like to see in neighborhood improvements
Pool Report
Before summer season there are boards that need to be replaced in pavilion. Need to market pool to residence and Village residence. Look into using Next Door and Facebook to market.
Nothing to report
Deed Restrictions
Nothing to report except that there are improvements happening around the neighborhood. Next Deed Restrictions drive set for February 6, 2022 at 1 pm.
No crimes against people but small thefts. May need to increase security patrols.
Acorn Newsletter
We will continue the newsletter but it will go online. Agree to one last small printing that discusses the new online newsletter and poll for improvements.
Follow Up
1. Board has agreed to continue the Acorn Newsletter but moving it to a digital copy available via e-mail distribution. One last printed copy will be issued addressing this change and inviting people to take the poll on HOA Dues spend.
2. Architectural Control Committee needs to be established. Proposed to establish this committee at the same time a HOA dues increase marketing.
3. Clarify those with access to Facebook page/website
4. Barking Dog – the board will continue to discuss any involvement the board will have regarding this matter. This may be simply notification residents that the board has received complaints.
Next Meeting
Motion to adjourn was made at 9:00 p.m. and was passed unanimously.