COCC Meeting Minutes – May 2022

Date: 5/12/2022
Time: 7:42 pm
Facilitator: Sandy Ericksen
In Attendance
Sandy Ericksen
Dan Sherer
Cassie Ramsay
Lori Bulla
Hope Edmondson
Johanna Wolfe
Approval of Minutes
Minutes for April’s meeting was submitted for approval on 6/7.
Board Activity/Communication Prior to Meeting
1. The pool gate keypad is not functioning correctly. The board has discussed options to retain current keypad or replace fence and key pad more appropriate for the environment.
2. Johanna has created a neighborhood survey and may present for board approval during 5/12/22 meeting.
Committee Seats
No new information to discuss.
Summary of the treasurer report for the month ending April 2022.
• Revenues unfavorable to budget by $3,089
• Expenses are favorable by $7,038
o Landscaping and Security expenses are currently favorable by $7,181
o Pool chemicals are unfavorable by $1,293
• Total income is favorable by $3,949 to budget

April 2022
• Revenues for the month were favorable to budget by $2,218
• Expenses were unfavorable for the month by $1,221
• Total income for the month was favorable by $993.60 to budget
Profits and Losses
• YTD: $53,560 in Gross Revenue, $28,375 in Total Expenses, after deprecation COCC has YTD Net Income of $24,531
• April: $10,843 in Gross Revenue, $10,511 in Total Expenses, after depreciation COCC has a Monthly Net income of $168
Accounts Receivable
• There are $10,074 in assessments and late fees due to COCC that are from 2021 and prior years from 13 residents. This is anyone that owes more than $375.
• There are $8,199 in 2022 assessments from 50 residents.
Sandy is sending out past due letters. Seven have been sent out and the rest will be sent out later next week.
Pool Report
The VGB covers have been replaced and have a seven-year life. Lori has sent in the payment for the permit, and we are just waiting for the inspector.
Per the original VGB inspection it was identified three of the pool tempered glass tables have to be replaced. Lori has gotten a quote to replace the tempered glass with plexi glass. The other option is to buy iron tables similar to the ones we currently have or do a plywood base with baseball material as a cover. Cassie will talk with Elizabeth Cole, LLC to see if they have any tables for purchase similar to the ones last purchased. One of the picnic tables has been disposed of as it was beyond repair. The board is discussing replacing the picnic table with either another picnic table or iron table.
Additional adjustments to the gate closing mechanism need to be made to ensure that the closure of the gate is consistant. Dan Sherer is working on options to correct this issue as it is required for permits.
The lock has been replaced and is working in good form.
We have received 36 pool memberships with a 37th in process. We believe the number of 2022 memberships exceed the past year.
After over a year of trying to get the water meter repaired the city has come in and completed the repair. Dan confirmed it is now working. Dan has responded to Amy Peck’s office to inform them the water meter is repaired.
The board has identified that many of the streetlights are out. We suspect that DIGCO is the reason for the outages. Johanna will communicate with a contact in Amy Peck’s office to see how to resolve this issue.
There is tree limb dumping along the dirt road to the pool. The board will contact the resident to move tree waste as it is preventing SMC ability to get through to attend to landscaping.
A resident has asked to trim trees on Tidwell. Due to liability the board is discussing preventing clients from trimming trees on Tidwell due to dangerous conditions. Dan will contact SMC to address the tree limbs hanging over Tidwell.
Deed Restrictions
The board will speak outside of the meeting to establish a date and time for the next deed restriction drive.
The board added security shifts and the only activity reported was streetlights were out. The board is discontinuing the additional shifts and working with Homeland security to change the hours of service.
Acorn Newsletter
Memorial Day social event will occur with a free swim offer. A BBQ box will be provided first come first serve meal. The board has secured the beer tap truck at expense of residents.
Follow Up from March
Next Meeting
June 9, 2022 / 7:30, Zoom
Meeting ended 9:21 pm