COCC Meeting Minutes – September 2022

Date: 9/08/2022
Time: 7:37 pm
Facilitator: Sandy Erickson
In Attendance
Sandy Ericksen
Dan Sherer
Cassie Ramsay
Lori Bulla
Daniel Gonzalez
Johanna Wolfe
John Carr – resident guest
Approval of Minutes
August meeting notes approved.
Board Activity/Communication Prior to Meeting
The Board voted and approved Aber Fence to replace the downed fence and pillar removal.
Committee Seats
John Carr, resident on north side of Droddy since 2017. John has joined the meeting and is interested joining the board. John is specifically interested in the deed restriction committee seat.
Below is a summary of the treasurer report for the month ending August 2022.
YTD vs. Budget
• Revenues unfavorable to budget by $8,559
o Homeowner dues unfavorable by $10,104
o Late fee income, Pavilion rental and Member Pool revenue are favorable by $2,450
• Expenses are unfavorable by $1,255
o Accounting Services, Community Events, Pool/Playground Repairs and Security Repair expenses are currently favorable by $3,624
o Insurance, Landscape Contract, Office Supplies, Pool Management, Pool/Playground Maintenance and Pool Chemical are unfavorable by $5,190
• Total income is unfavorable by $9,181 to budget
August 2022 vs. Budget
• Revenues for the month were unfavorable to budget by $1,660
• Expenses were unfavorable for the month by $5,330
o Landscape contract, Insurance, Pool Chemicals and Security were unfavorable by $3,898
• Total income for the month was unfavorable by $5,168 to budget
Profits and Losses
• YTD: $68,475 in Gross Revenue, $79,728 in Total Expenses, after deprecation COCC has YTD Net Income of -$11,899
• August: $905 in Gross Revenue, $20,507 in Total Expenses, after depreciation COCC has a Monthly Net income of -$19,600

Accounts Receivable
• There are $8,130 in assessments and late fees due to COCC that are from 2021 and prior years from 9 residents. This is anyone that owes more than $390.
• There are $3,483 in 2022 assessments from 21 residents.

Sandy has sent out past due notice but has only received three checks for prior year dues.

Dan Gonzales will be putting together a 2023 budget to be ready by Oaks fest.
Pool Report
75 memberships with no additional pavilion rentals however an inquiry has been made for a future rental.
Lori reported that the pool gate repair was completed and is working perfectly.
As reported in the August notes, the pool pump went out and the motor was replaced, and we have a backup motor. These motors will not be available in the future so once the second motor is used the board will face a full pump replacement expense.
The board had to purchase additional chemicals as reported in the August minutes. Lori is working on chemical needs for next year’s pool budget.
Dan Sherer reported the playground fence is to be replaced next week
Lori reported that another section of fence further down on Tidwell fell, and she is concerned that more of that section of fence will fall. Dan confirmed that this section of the fence is the responsibility of the homeowner.
The board is still pending response from one of the two homeowners that have shared responsibility with the downed fence on Tidwell. The board is going to reach back out to the resident expressing the urgency of moving forward with a deadline of September 16th. It has been reported that there has been additional traffic in this area that is not normal and there has been other activity reported by Dan Sherer. This activity is attributed to the down fence.
The board is also going to work on a fence agreement to be issued to all residence that share a fence with the neighborhood. The affected residents are limited to certain sections of the entrances on the north and south side.
Dan Sherer reported that when the temporary fence was installed there are sections that will require dirt back fill. This will be a future expense to be voted on at another time.
Dan Sherer also reported that new plants have been planted at the Bolivia entrance to replace lost plants. Lori is recommending snap dragons as a good winter flower. Dan will recommend that to the landscape company as an option.
Finally, Dan reported that we will need to address the trimming of the esplanade trees and mulch for the playground. This will be an expense that will be voted on in the future.
Deed Restrictions
The board is going to request the previous deed restriction history from Polina as we move forward in replacing her seat on the board. The board will schedule a deed restriction drive as soon as past information is received and reviewed.
Hope was not able to attend September meeting so an updated for security will either be done outside of the meeting or next month. Besides the new traffic due to the downed fence, no one on the board reporting any known security incidents.
Acorn Newsletter
The newsletter is on hold until a replacement candidate is selected.
Johanna will reserved a food truck for October 15, 2022 Oaksfest. Dan Sherer has secured the Tap truck to reserve for Oaksfest. The board has decided to put the food truck in the pool parking lot and the Tap truck in the cul-de-sac for the event. The board also intends to invite someone from Amy Peck’s and Rodney Ellis’ office to speak to the residents.
Follow Up from August
Next Meeting
October 13, 2022 / 7:30 pm
Meeting ended: 8:37 pm